What is the perfect gift that you can get from someone whom you love the most? There is nothing called perfect in this world. There is nothing better than love. And love is something which is generated in heart but it has one limitation. That limitation is that it has to be expressed. No matter how much you love a person, it would be worthless if you don’t express it. Love is abundant in nature but still most of it is in hidden form. Those who are happy are the ones who express it. A gift is one such thing which converts your feelings into something which can be expressed without any hesitation or unwanted complexity.

It’s not about how much expensive your gift is. It is about how well you put your emotions in it. It’s not about the size or shape. It’s all about love and affection.

With every display of affection its magnitude increases. The bonding strengthens. The world becomes a better place to live in because have someone with whom you can live.

I personally believe the best way of expressing your love is by telling your loved one what you like in them.  And let me tell you this works. There may be infinite things but at times a word would be sufficient. It’s again not about how much you write, it’s about how well you express when you right.

Make a die with 6 qualities you love most about your partner. Your partner would cherish those six qualities every time it is viewed by that person. They will hover over those six things over and over again. A love letter is far more effective than 100 SMS sent consecutively. Because gifts like these have a physical significance. A proof is there that this thing was given to you. It would make things even better when it is given on a special occasion. Memories can be captured in form of pics and videos in today’s digital world. But the joy of something which you can touch and feel is totally different. And when things flash back in mind, it altogether a different sensation. That sensation can never be created when you look at your old photos because the picture is already formed in front of you and there is no need to use your brain to recollect what happened at that moment.

You might think that I got diverted from my topic. No I didn’t. This blog is just an introductory blog for my upcoming posts which is related to this title. I was gifted a deck of cards with 52 things written on it by someone special. Form that gift I got the idea of spreading a message to the entire world. THE IMPORTANCE OF GIFTS. Now I am syncing some cute romantic things with the characteristics of every card on which it is written. These posts may have been modified things from what was given to me. But its purpose is solely to spread love.  

A lot of its contents may be personal but these are those things which you might have felt somewhere at some time in some form.

P.S. I love you SS. You are my best friend and I want you to be beside me forever. This is dedicated to you.


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