My readers would be expecting something pretty mature with a touch of romance in it when it comes to Ace of Hearts. But I am sorry to say that this may disappoint you. It’s sort of a childish romance. True love is not about how mature you behave. It is about how playful you both can be when you are together. That can only be achieved when you turn into a child. So I would begin my journey on the deck of cards with same childishness and with the ace of hearts.

Crunchy is someone having sensibilities of a counter-culture nature lover or hippie. It is derived from the concept of crunchy granola, which is a cereal made of rolled oats with dried fruits, nuts and honey in it. I had to describe the word crunchy in the above given manner because there was no other way I could add a sense of romance in it. A nature lover is indeed romantic, I guess.

The day I met her she was this super strong lady or perhaps I should use the word girl, who put forward an image which could intimidate any guy. Luckily for me she was in the traditional attire which made me easy to approach her. She was no ordinary person. She was different from every other girl I had ever met. She was what she was and even today she is the same.

Her ideologies clashed with those of any other girl in that society. She was the best example for a girl having counter-culture beliefs. She was not of the sort who would disrupt the daily activities and protest just because she is different. She kept it to herself and masked herself with an image which was hard to be considered as fake. I can now guarantee that anyone who would unmask her can get her. Mark my forthcoming words. She is an asset hard to achieve and once achieved then hard to part with.

I unmasked her with a lot of struggle and patience. All my waiting and effort didn’t go in vain. I came in touch with that crunchy nature and all the sweetness present in that heart. I didn’t wait long. I just wanted a sign from nature. I got it pretty early. Hesitation is something which you can never get rid of if you are in true love. I decided to make her my better half.

Every girl in this world, somewhere deep down in heart, is crunchy. All that’s required is to come in touch with that crunchiness. It would be the most soothing feeling. With every touch she will soften herself and a small portal will open for you inside her. Share your love to her. Continue doing it. That portal will expand. One day will come when it will be so wide and so huge that she will immerse herself inside it. This portal was for you. It expanded itself to let you in. But in reality she needed it more than you. She ought to lose her inside herself. Then only she can find you. Because she is incomplete without you. But to be with you first she has to be with herself. She needs to find herself before she finds you. Oh my Dear boy! I request you to be that light which helps her in finding that soft spot which has lost. I want you to be the reason of her joy. Once she enters inside that portal which she opened for you, she will realize that she is now one with you. She is now in a world created by her for you. That is the epitome of perfection that any relation can reach.

I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I say I succeeded in doing that. So I feel that I am complete. Just because I made her feel complete.




SS I am stunned with this compliment my dear. I am habituated with the word ‘sweet’ which people often use to describe me or my behavior. But crunchy that’s something which I have to think about. What exactly do you want to say by using that term ‘Crunchy’? I got no idea here Mrs. Writer. Still it’s a compliment which I would keep because it’s what ace of hearts holds for me. ‘Kitkat’ was a delicacy for me in my childhood but Munch was something I preferred more. Now I don’t think so this usage is for complexion. In that case I would take it in the sense that ‘Kitkat’ is the sweetest thing you ever had which is crunchy in nature too. I am honored by this. Thank You SS. SS I love you too.



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