2 of Hearts – I LOVE THE WAY YOU TALK!

Communication is one of the main aspect of being in a relationship. It is so very important that at some stages it is this which decides in which direction a particular relation should go. Misunderstanding due to lack of effective communication is a devil in every field. But this devil can be catastrophic if he has a salient role in your relation. So it’s a simple advice from me that no matter what you are doing, make it an integral part of your life and have a vocal touch in it. Great things have been solved by sitting around a round table just by having a meeting and sorting out problem verbally by discussing about it and coming to a consensus. Let’s assume that by some chance, you failed. Even then there would be a gain. At least you would know what went wrong or why it went wrong. Next time this knowledge would help you in not committing the same mistake again. Moreover, the guilt of not trying to sort things up wouldn’t exist. Personally speaking I would say that the success rate in sorting out things by having a discussion on it is pretty high, even higher than 90% I guess.

Communication gap is one thing that can be present between two individuals. There are several factors which may lead to such a gap. Sometimes age is a barrier. Sometimes it’s the culture. And sometimes its language. It is not at all compulsory that these barrier exist. Love doesn’t look at caste, color, creed or any such thing while being given or taken. It just happens. Love is not only blind but also immature, insensible and to some extent deaf. But it is not dumb.

You may fall in love with someone who is a decade elder than you. I can give you in written that there would be a clash in ideologies of individuals having such a huge gap in age. Love is a universal medicine which can heal any problem. Since you never gave a second thought before falling in love then you have no right to give a second thought whether or not to live that special someone whom you have found. Love can make that clash mentioned earlier a sweet one. It can heal the disease of communication gap by making it so small that its existence would be questioned at one point. Still it can’t do it all alone. It needs two individuals. Not just any random two individuals. Two such individuals who feel it for each other. Two such individuals who believe in it. For that gap to overcome love will make its significant presence in every conversation that takes place between them. But love is no God. It may be far more superior to God. But it is weak all alone. When these individuals bring it in those talks which they have, those small chit chats and whatever other mode they use to express their feelings; then love which is invoked by these lovers becomes so strong that the barrier of age loses its place altogether.

This thing is valid not only in age but also in every other such scenario where difference in the personality of two individuals brings a communication gap between them. Conflicts due to different cultures or due to different backgrounds or any such thing which brings negativity between two true lovers may seem pretty hard to overcome when we think about it as an individual. That’s because then we are only concerned about us. May be, somewhere deep down it would be for our love. Still it would be something like – ‘me….my culture……my love…….’ Think about it as a couple. Talk about it. Have a discussion on likes and dislikes. Just speak out your will. Don’t overthink. That person who is listening is world for you. The same response would come from your other half. I personally don’t feel the need of an official verification in front of law and society to consider someone my better half. For me it is something that is in my heart. If my heart accepts her as my better half, she would be.

Communication gap can only be overcome by communicating.

The day I met her I knew that she was someone special. She was different from everybody else. How was she different from me? Seriously speaking there was only one sentence answer for this. Many a time when such a question comes in one’s mind, there would be a huge explanation. Sometimes it may be an endless list. But in my love story, it was a single line answer. SHE WAS FROM A DIFFERENT CULTURE THAN MINE. A difference in cultural background because of difference in geographical location within the same country.

Honestly speaking, I never expected she would become such an important part of my life. The main reason behind this was that very single difference which we shared. What can one do when fate had something else reserved for me? I fell in love with a girl who was from an entirely different culture. The best thing about our relation is that we never had difference in opinion because of being a part of two entirely different cultures. Rather it only helped us. We started diffusing into one another’s culture. This process was pretty slow. Gradually as time passed by our personalities started syncing with each other. They say that a perfect relation is one when both the partners accept each other with what they are and trying to change the other should be something not having any role to play in it. In our case also it’s valid. We didn’t change each other. We just added a trait in our personality which was in some way linked to our better half.

My relation with her is still alive just because we overcame this barrier. The barrier of cultural difference. There are several other complications which this one difference would bring in our relation but all those factors are external. The main one which could have affected us from within was this communication gap. Literally speaking, both of us share a different mother tongue but still we have one common language which we feel comfortable talking in. And obviously since you are reading this; you would know that there is one more language which we know and we can use if required.

I have examples of many successful relationships which were of the same type. They inspire me. They are no big celebrities to name them. They are in my vicinity and I adore them. They are a source of inspiration for me. If they can do it, even I can do it. I love this girl from a different culture. I feel happy and special with her. And no other girl can make me feel that. She is the best. She is the one made for me.



SS this is something I know very well. I know I am a virtuous speaker and I will boast about it. A good narrator should also be a good orator. I really appreciate this fact that even after being way too weak in something which I am doing right now you are not focusing on that thing. You are ignoring my failure in that thing which was forced upon me and looking forward on those aspects of me which define me as a distinct individual.

Let me tell you this thing. I also love the way you talk. I love the modulation you make when you are happy, excited, angry and jealous and whichever other feeling that any human being can experience. Only one tone pricks my heart. And that is the one which come out of you when you are sad. I can’t see you that way. Or else whatever you do, it gets a special touch of you when you speak. I might have made fun of your voice when we were friends. But truly speaking, it always had a soothing effect. In initial stages of our friendship I always succeeded in making you feel that I am fine with everything, even if I was feeling low. I put a mask on myself and made you feel as if I was in mood of fun. That tone which you used made me feel carefree. It removed all the fear from my head. Tension ran away a distant mile with that. You always had that tenderness which is quite difficult to acquire. I loved your voice back then when we were just friends. And now I love it even more. The sole reason of that extra love is the addition of shyness in it. I know that you have positioned me as a husband rather than just a boyfriend. This gives an additional shyness. I love that.

I definitely miss my old friend who lacked that shyness and in most times had some sort of boldness. I know you are still pretty bold but are not ready to show it in front of me now. I am happy with that. That reminds me that, it is not just about loving you anymore, it is rather about fulfilling the role of a husband.

SS! I love you. You are the sweetest thing that could ever happen to me.


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